Proactive Digital IT Service Management Solution (Freshservice)

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Freshservice at a Glance (Proactive Digital IT Service Management Solution)


  1. Service Desk – Self Service Portal – Incident Management, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
  2. ITIL IT Operations and Projects – Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, and Project Management
  3. Asset Management – Auto Discovery, Inventory Management, Contract Management, and Asset Lifecycle Management
  4. Automations – Smart Automator, Workflows, and Scenario Automations
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Proactive Digital IT Service Management Solution

Enterprise Service Management is Now a Business Reality – Stephen Mann

Introducing Freshservice: Freshservice (Uncomplicate IT Service Management) is a right-sized, intelligent, service management solution that extends digital capabilities and delivers exceptional employee productivity for modern enterprises that are looking to digitally transform their businesses.


Freshservice IT Service Management ServiceDesk


Bridge the gap between IT and the business using Service Desk (Proactive Digital IT Service Management Solution)

Set up an IT system that’s simple, efficient, runs like clockwork, and is completely personalized to your company’s needs.

  1. Incident Management: Let users raise tickets using email, a self-service portal, phone, or in person. Track, prioritize, assign, and automate resolution processes to drive service desk efficiency.
  2. SLA Management: Set multiple SLA policies for creating task deadlines based on different business hours or ticket categories. Easily resolve tickets based on priorities, and automate escalation rules to communicate about SLA violations.
  3. Knowledge Management: Create solutions for your incidents, automatically convert it to knowledgebase articles, and improve productivity by responding to similar requests with canned responses.
  4. Service Catalog: Offer multiple services for different departments through the user-friendly service catalog so users can place and receive requests in no time.
  5. Automation: Set up simple automation functions as well as leverage the built-in capabilities to handle all your manual efforts. Prioritize, categorize, assign and close tickets, send for approvals, and notify agents and users automatically.
  6. Self-service Portal: Enable users to look up solutions from the knowledge base even before raising tickets for their issues, and let them raise requests directly from the support portal that can be customized to reflect your brand’s identity.
  7. Team Huddle: Start a conversation with your teammates from within a ticket. Collaborate better with a simple chat-like UI – highlight ticket information, tag a fellow agent, or reply to a message.

Freshservice IT Service Management ServiceDesk


Standardize processes and service delivery with an ITIL-aligned setup

  1. Problem Management: Isolate problems, link it to existing or past incidents, perform root cause analyses with Freshservice’s timeline of events and minimize disruptions to the business.
  2. Change Management: Plan, rollback changes at a few clicks and let relevant members evaluate and approve changes. Analyze and mitigate risks by assessing new changes before it’s rolled out.
  3. Release Management: Plan releases by documenting the build and test plans, set start and end dates to update team members by creating announcements in your Freshservice account.

Collaborate and align with business goals

  1. Task Management: Manage projects by organizing them into tasks and nested subtasks, and easily assign them to individual owners. Collaborate and discuss, attach files for context, view dependencies, and use the activity log to monitor progress.
  2. Real-time Project Dashboard:  Gain complete visibility into all your projects at a glance with our simplified dashboard that shows real-time progress. View all the details you need, keep track of the project timeline, and be notified of deadline violations with our tracking indicator.
  3. Integrated ITSM Platform: Track and manage all your assets, tickets, and changes within the single system of your service desk. Plan projects better with integrated modules, and manage all their dependencies and relationships from the single window of your portal.

Take complete control of all your IT and non-IT assets

  1. Inventory Management: Keep track of all your IT and non-IT assets in stock or in use. Be it contracts, hardware, software, and other configuration items, evaluate their values, and plan purchases with up-to-date information of all assets.
  2. Asset Auto-discovery: Identify all the assets in your organization using the Discovery tools that automatically scan for all hardware and software and periodically update the asset information as well.
  3. CMDB/ Configuration Management: Maintain a complete repository of all the assets in the organization with in-depth visibility into how they are connected to each other. Easily identify critical assets, and analyze the impact of incidents and changes.
  4. Asset Lifecycle Management: Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere, through all phases – be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal. Get a timeline of all events at a glance.
  5. Contract Management: Maintain a record of contracts with third-party vendors and be notified about expiries and approvals with the Contract Scheduler.

Comprehensive analytics to help you make informed decisions

  1. Out-of-the-box Reports: Generate predefined reports for incidents, changes, and assets using various filters, or choose from our curated reports. Easily identify bottlenecks, plan your purchases, and schedule reports to be shared.
  2. Cross-Module reports: View reports based on their impact, group, type, association, or department to easily monitor service desk performance, identify problems, and make decisions within the business.
  3. Custom Reports: Easily organize your insights into tailored reports to stay on top of SLAs and service desk performance. View real-time data as presentations or schedule periodic email reports.
  4. Interactive Visualizations: A data visualization engine automatically recommends the optimal way to present your data. Alternatively, you can browse interactive visualizations with Smartboards. Easily break down insights, plan better, and improve your performance.
  5. Natural Language Querying: Ask questions about your service desk data instantly using the Natural Language Querying engine. Build custom visualizations, add filters, and even ask questions using a search bar. No training required.


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  1. APIs: Effectively engage with prospects with smart email insights and integrated telephony
  2. Integrations/Apps: Freshservice’s array of third-party integrations let you use your favorite apps to manage your service desk.
  3. Mobile Apps: IOS and Android apps let you provide end-to-end support within teams, view daily tasks, and remotely manage incidents, changes, service requests, and assets.
  4. Gamification: The exclusive integrated game mechanics transform your internal service desk.
  5. Security: Ensure only employees can sign in to your service desk by whitelisting specific IP addresses. We extend our policies to physical, application, data, operational, and regulatory compliance.

Technology Deep Dive

Convert Challenges into Opportunities

  1. Power up EX with Self Service
  2. Streamline Processes with ITIL Alignment > Incident Management > Problem Management > Change Management > Release Management
  3. Track Assets End-to-End with ITAM (IT Asset Management)
  4. Provide Support across Teams with Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
  5. Manage Workload with Project Management
  6. Boost Efficiency with Freshservice Solution
  7. Freddy AI for Service Management

Freshservice – A Quick Overview


Why Freshservice

  1. Collaborate – Help in collaboration and Integration with the productivity products Integration channels for IT+ and to the Business Users
  2. Modern UI – How to get up and running quickly with a service desk that is tailored to meet your requirements and business needs
  3. Easy Setup – Configure at very ease without any custom code and big efforts
  4. Self-Service – Knowledge availability everywhere, across the devices and channels

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